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NODE is a one stop shop for residential building services focusing on ease, value and technology. Our company delivers radically sustainable homes through an effortless customer process. Our homes integrate great design, function, technology and efficiency. They are built offsite to guarantee quality and timeline and they are built to local building codes. We service the West from our partner facility in Washington State. 

Buildings account for 47.6% of carbon emission in the US. Homes are responsible for 75% of electricity consumption. And the problem is getting bigger. 75% of the buildings we are going to be using in 2050 do not exist today. Building  has a huge effect on what kind of future all of us will be living in

NODE’s vision, what if buildings could give back more to the environment than they take? What if buildings become part of ecosystem services? Our goal is carbon negative buildings. Carbon negative accounts for, not only the energy used to operate a building, but also looks at all the embedded carbon in the materials and construction. We want buildings to be remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Radical Sustainability starts with carbon negative buildings. It is a commitment to completely toxic free environments; for the people living in the buildings, the planet providing the materials to build the buildings and absorbing the materials as they are eventually cast off.  It is a commitment to being flexible to multiple uses, ways of being lived in; added to, subtracted from and reused. It relies on technology threefold: ultra-efficient buildings require less energy to start with, built in renewable energy and water technology create resiliency and remove the need for fossil fuels, and in turn will become the new energy resource generators for a grid that allows buildings to share power. Radical Sustainability is the fundamental understanding that nature heals us in big in small ways and reminding ourselves that we are part of nature, even from the comfort of our shelters, is key to our health.

We want to create the buildings we’re going to want to use in the future, today. We want to deliver the best experience to consumers while we do it. Technology, sustainability, ease.

We’re focused on building a better product and service for people and the earth. And we’re committed to doing it while we build a better business. A business for the benefit of all.  

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